5 Tips I learned

1- always try to stay over 70mm

2- Another ones was too keep powerlines and other distracting objects away

3- try to be creative with framing your subject

4- Include some texture on the photos

5- have shallow depth of field

camera modes

Automatic- this one basically does everything for you which is pretty cool for lazy people, uhhhh but you’re better off setting everything yourself

Portrait– this one makes a subject stand out by raising the aperture and making everything in the back blurry. its perfect for taking pictures of people

Macro– macro? kinda sounds like micro, which is basically what it helps you shoot at tiny stuff. like bugs and flowers or other smoll things

Landscape– this one makes everything in the photo clear, it changes the aperture by lowering it so everything can be visible. its pretty epic for scenery pics

Sports– this is very useful for capturing the really fast bois in sports, the shutter speed in increased making every thing look frozen

Night– oooooh this ones sounds pretty cool but it slows shutter speed to capture more detail in the low light. but your pics can come out as blurry if you’re taking them by hand instead of a tripod

Movie– this oneee i was like huh? isnt it just taking videos,but yeah it is man

Aperture priority- in this one you have to set the aperture, but the camera does the rest for you

Shutter priority- Its like aperture priority, but instead of the aperture you have to set the shutter speed

Program mode- its a lot like auto, but it gives you more freedom by being abler to set other stuff up

Manual- OOOF this ones sounds cool but i think i would suck at using this one but. you have to set everything up yourself. which sounds complicated but also pretty epic

that one assignment

I kinda didnt know what to put for these pictures,but like i chose these coolio kirby plushies and my gUiTaR . kirby is like my most favorite character of all time hes really cute and smoll. ive played kirby games and they were like super fun and somtimes a good way to be with my brothers. since we would play together. there were a lot of funny moments playing with them and the storylines for the game are really cool and i spent a lot of time playing them and were a big part of my childhood .and my guitar cuz i like playing it its like smth i do to pass time and chill. i wish i were like big pro that would be really awesome. but yeah i like it and im alright at playing. music is so cool like without it i would be bored out of my mind.


bro this picture is really cool, like the lighting makes it look so ominous and coolio man. like its just a really awesome pic because of the lighting and there’s also a diagonal that also adds to the photo. i were this cool at taking photos bro


YOOO she looks pretty badass bro,like she be holding a gun.hmm i saw other photo graphs by her and they were kind of graphic but i thought they were funny but also interesting. but i like this picture she really give such a groovy and awesome vibe, and the picture is really interesting like its a cool lady and i think that Harry s Truman in the back i don’t really know but kinda looks like him


lenses are epic they can enhance your camera, and come in all sorts of different kinds. which they help to create your vision on a photo. but with the many different lenses there are it is important to choose the lenses that would help you get a better picture depending on what your shooting at. for example i learned that shooting with wide angle lenses can make your landscape photos more epiccc. but they’re very cool they can make your pics fit more stuff in there. i like standard lens tho, they’re like super flexible and you can take really great pictures and not just stick with either a zoom or wide. YOU CAN BASICALLY GET Both BRO. also 50 be the like big popular size for lenses. its like what every one had, h lens that one have one focal length are called prime lens. i also learned what neophyte meant. but telephoto lens make everything bigger. and make the photographers big lazy. which be cool cuz im a lazy person. but alot of new photographers look into these lenses. but theyre great if you cant really get close to the subject like in sports or even animal shooting.but if you gonna do sports it be important that you get a faster shutter speed since they be quick af most of the time, so fast telephoto lenses would have more aperture settings